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Bermuda Facts & Figures

Flag of Bermuda

Total area: 53.2 sq km (20.6 sq mi)
Population: 67,837
Capital: Hamilton - 1,000
Currency: Bermudian dollar
Languages: English (official), Portuguese
Religions: Anglican, Roman Catholic and other Christians
Time zone: GMT-4, DST: GMT-3
Electricity: AC 110V/60Hz, "american standard" plugs used

Bermuda is British overseas territory situated around 1,770 kilometres (1,100 mi) northeast of Miami, Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. The country consists of approximately 138 islands with the largest islands connected together by road bridges.

The islands, surrounded by coral reef, are of volcanic origin, with the average height of around 79m (260 feet) from the sea surface. There are no rivers, streams or freshwater lakes in Bermuda - the country depends on rainfall for freshwater.

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